The company

Attraction World Limited is an official booking agent for tourist attractions, shows, sightseeing tours, and casino experiences across the world. Much of the company’s turnover is via sales to travel agents but its direct-to-consumer online business is growing rapidly. Attraction World uses all of the UK’s large search marketing platforms to drive traffic to their website – and always sees a profitable return.

“Pay-Per-Click marketing was an integral part of our original business plan. Businesses of any size can’t afford not to use PPC. It’s a snowball effect. Every time we put money in we make a profit.”


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The audience

From market research and industry experience, Attraction World found that middle-aged women were the most likely people to buy theme park and tourist attraction tickets for their families. Microsoft adCenter gave them their first opportunity to target this audience accurately.

“Our particular target market tends to be females between the ages of 25 to 45, and … we use the adCenter Audience Profiling tool to dramatically increase our bid for visitors that fall into that demographic. We have seen an initial boost in our traffic and also in our conversion rates.”

The results

Attraction World has enjoyed increased sales since it started advertising online on Microsoft adCenter. It also found that adCenter clicks from MSN and Live Search convert at a much higher rate than those from other engines.

“As far as the Microsoft search ads campaign is concerned, as an average across all our campaigns, the cost per sale is about a third the cost of a sale would be from our Google campaigns.”

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Did you know?

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Matt Adams, Directline Holidays
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David Wilson, Adrian Flux Insurance Services
“I can update things quickly and easily, allowing me to be reactive and proactive in my market. The demographic stuff is very good.”
Peter Barnsley, Attraction World Ltd

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