Advertising that pays back

Millions of results pages are generated every day. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a powerful marketing technique that can give your campaigns a competitive advantage by:

  • leveraging the way consumers use search engines
  • helping your ads appearing prominently on search results pages
  • targeting key and ‘hard-to-reach’ audiences
  • delivering immediate and precise metrics

Real-time and flexible

PPC is very measurable. It helps identify real-time insights and opportunities throughout the sales cycle, so campaigns can be easily adapted while they’re running. For instance, Attraction World found that using targeting tools to appeal to a specific demographic increased the quality of traffic.
Better still, the impact of any changes to your ad campaigns can be instantly evaluated in order to maximise ROI. This is particularly attractive to companies that need to coordinate sales budgets and stick to a ‘cost per conversion’ ratio, like Directline Holidays for example.

Defining your Return On Investment (ROI)

Being specific about your ROI goals is crucial, because these decisions will ultimately define how successful your campaign is. As well as transactions, your ROI measurements could include:

  • generating leads
  • creating interest in a product or service
  • informing or persuading
  • getting a visitor to view a specific page of your site

Diving into the data

The in-depth reporting and analysis tools that adCenter provides will help to maximise returns from PPC and identify opportunities to increase conversion rates. For example, the specialist motor insurers Adrian Flux reaches its niche audience by using very specific keywords that tap into ‘the tail’ of less commonly used search terms.

Working with adCenter

The team at adCenter can provide all the help and tools you’ll need to maximise your ROI. You can talk to our UK-based Support Centre about positioning your campaigns so that they precisely target the right people at the right time – so that every click counts.

See case studies from customers who are successfully managing their PPC campaigns with adCenter to boost their ROI:

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